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We grouped treatments into categories to facilitate. Simply click on the categories to view details.
Remember that we are working with your skin (in most cases).   And we are flexible – same like it.

Due to the number of possible combinations, which can’t be easily described – Please note that pricing is a landmark.
Therefore, if you cannot find a specific item in the price list –  simply call us. Sometimes we make an unusual procedure as well.

If you are not sure which from the treatments is for you – Simply book consultation!

During this visit we will give you diagnosis of your skin, we will review possible solutions and offer care plan-tailored to your needs and possibilities.
It will take 30-45 minutes and in this time, answer all your questions, and if you decide that you do a treatment in our clinic-cost of consultation £20 – will be deducted from its price.

Regular customers may enjoy free consultation and specially prepared offers.

If you see something missing on our offer, simple call, write and as us!

Aesthetic medicine

Electrocoagulation of skin lesions-

removal of fibromas, nevi, warts, etc. 45 min of procedure (with anaesthesia) £50.00

Chemical Peel (face or other areas) a TCA acid 20%-35%     £75.00 per session.

TCA acid concentration is chosen individually regarding skin needs.

Filler treatments with pure hyaluronic acid 

Areas treated like: foldslines, lips, cheekbones, -depending on the amount of material used    1 ml-£165.00

Treatments with hyaluronic acids and some additions (Polyacids, Ca etc.) are priced like:  1ml-  £185.00 ex. Tear through area


Treatments with botulinum toxin Vistabel ,Azzalure-

Price depends on the number of zones where botulinum is injected (applies to one visit)

£150.00-one zone (ie. the area around the eyes- “Crows feet”)

£230.00-2 zones

£299.00-3 zones               

Returning clients have advantage of loyalty offers.



-dissolution of fat deposits.

1 ampoule 5ml Where 5ml is enough to reduce body fat from area like „double chin”. £125.00

Larger body areas (love handles, buttocks) require more products injected – the price increases by £50 with any another ampoule 5ml.  Maximum amount you can get is 25ml of product per single session. 


Dear clients: For treatments from aesthetic medicine we approach with special attention, each procedure before a careful consultation. We pay attention to the expectations of patients and assess the possibility of meeting these expectations before we perform the procedure.


Mesotherapy Roller treatment:  £35.00

Mesotherapy injections with one-component-ampoules  (e.g. Vit C)- £55.00 per session. Course of 5 sessions –    £235.00

Mesotherapy treatments with a cocktail-ampoules (cocktail of many ingredients) £85.00 per session or Bulk of 5 sessions course £340.

To take advantage of special price from course sessions single off payment is required.

For Mesotherapy we use only the highest quality products, which are selected individually to the needs of complexion customers.

Facial treatments

All Facials are more than 45min long- complimentary concentrated on your skin and always done with best quality products.
Mandelic Acid 50% £ 45.00
Manual face cleansing £ 40.00
Cavitation Peeling £ 40.00
Diamond Microdermabrasion £ 45.00
Neoderma £ 60.00
Neoderma light £ 45.00
Bio lifting (face, neck, cleavage) £ 39
Face, neck and decollate massage with mask £ 30.00
Regular clients, who care about themselves and using our services often can ask about special price packages.

Laser therapy prices

Before we do laser treatment you are welcome to the test TEST -we will determine your photo type and device parameters for your skin, it is necessary to safely carry out the treatment. £ 5.00

LASER THERAPY This term includes several types of procedures:
Photo rejuvenation. Acne and Rosacea Treatment. Reduction of stains and pigmentations.

Priced as single treatment on the selected zone and reduced proposal when choosing a whole series.
hands £ 30.00 – pass 5 treatments £ 135.00
neck and neck-£ 50.00 – pass 5 treatments £ 225.00
face and neck £ 85.00 – pass 5 treatments £ 382.00
face and neck and neckline £ 99.00 – pass 5 treatments £ 445.00
face and neck, décolleté and hands £ 125.00 pass 5 treatments £ 562.00

LASER HAIR REMOVAL The following groups of introducing individual places subjected to epilation and the prices of the individual treatments for each of these places. (the letter f-female, m-for men)
£ 30.00 line of hair, mustache, beard (f), eyebrows, nipples, ears, or feet
£ 45.00 eyebrows and mustache, sideburns, cheeks, neck (f) , neck, armpits, navel, bikini line or forearms
£ 55.00 Brazilian bikini, mustache and beard (f) , the front of the or the back of the neck (m) , in part, or part of the buttocks
£ 65.00 face and neck (f), bikini Hollywood and your buttocks, thighs, calves, arms, upper or lower part of your back, neck and Chin (m)
£ 110.00 face, Chin and neck (m), kl. chest, back, hands and armpits, or whole legs
£ 135.00 whole legs and bikini line, entire back and shoulders

LASER HAIR REMOVAL this treatment requires repeat for persistent effects. That’s why we offer passes for 6 treatments hair removal-in a location of your choice. Especially for you we have also special PACKAGES treatments, choosing among them to pay up to 40% less!

Permanent makeup-the price top – up included.

lip £ 150.00
lip contour with shading £ 200.00
lip full colour £ 250.00
compact filling eyebrows £ 150.00
eyebrows-hair stroke method £ 170.00
eyelids-upper lid £ 100.00
eyelids- lower lid £ 80.00
medical pigmentation- from £ 60.00

Piercing (earrings included)

Made by gun
ears £ 20.00
nostril £ 15.00
Body piercing made by piercing needle
eyebrow, nose, beard, lips, belly button or ear £ 25.00
micro dermal, implant £ 35.00
implant removal {anaesthetic included) £ 20.00
We use only safe and sterile jewellery –kind you can choose before treatment. We will give you aftercare product and advice at the end.

Hopi Ear Candling

Ear Candling Treatment £ 20.00


upper lip £6.00 chin £6.00
arms £15.00 underarms or bikini line £10.00
full legs £25.00
half leg or bikini brazilian £15.00
back or chest- FROM £25.00

Treatments for foot

Pedicure medical treatment for health of foots  (remove calluses, corns, etc.) £25.00

Correction of ingrown nail- insertion of buckle £35.00

Basic treatments-Beauty touch
Eyebrows and eyelashes tint with shaping / full set £18.00
Eyebrow or lash tint or eyebrow shaping / separately £6.00

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