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Established in 2006, Alter Ego Beauty Clinic has been serving clients of West Bromwich and beyond for nearly two decades. Delivering professional beauty treatments whilst taking the time to get to know each individual client is at the heart of the salon’s ethos.

Headed up by the friendly and knowledgeable Magdalena Zalewska in the West Midlands, the utmost care and attention is taken to ensure everybody that walks through the clinic doors is given the five-star treatment.

The first floor situated salon is a little hidden gem, just a short walk from West Bromwich High Street and bus station with ample parking nearby.


We belong to the British Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmetology (BABTAC British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology – BABTAC).


Cooperation with :
• Allergan http://www.allergan.com
• Dermagenica Ltd http://www.dermagenica.co.uk
• Galderma https://www.galderma.com/
• Thalion https://www.thalloderm.co.uk
• Tomasz Lewandowski Photography https://www.attv.uk
• Juvederm https://www.juvederm.co.uk
• British Skin Foundation https://www.britishskinfoundation.org.uk/
• Neoderma Natural Cosmetics http://www.neoderma.com
• British Association of Dermatologists https://www.bad.org.uk

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Why choose us

Alter Ego is all about providing each client with that luxury experience. If you want to feel special, know that you are being looked after and that your skin is in safe hands, this is the salon for you. Predominantly focusing on popular European techniques, Alter Ego’s approach to skin care is the new way to tackle skin concerns.

Looking at the long-term goal, Magda and her team are here for you every step of the way.
Our Long-term skincare programs, VIP programs – for clients who recognise that regular clinic visits are necessary in order to achieve and maintain a good appearance of the skin.

With an initial consultation, Magda takes the time to get to know you as an individual. She discusses a range of contributing factors, such as diet, lifestyle, job, health, previous issues, home skin care and personal worries. Each appointment takes place in her private clinic and is by appointment only, meaning client privacy is taken very seriously. After the first discussion, Magda will put together a detailed treatment plan and recommendations. Each bespoke plan is tailored to the individual, with a realistic timeframe and suggestions as to how often a follow up appointment may be needed.

This long-term approach means that Magda can get to know your skin over a period of time, noting any changes or new markings, improvements and potential concerns. Perfect if you have a wedding or holiday coming up, you can indulge in that bright skin glow thanks to the preparation plan. A maintenance plan can also be created once any skin woes have been looked at. Magda listens and can assist with an anti-aging approach, guiding you through the treatment steps to slow the ageing process. This is known as a slow progress plan, with long-term goals put in place. Privacy is hugely important at Alter Ego, meaning no photos will be shared on social media without prior consent.

Facial treatments are private, luxury experiences and the clinicians want all clients to be able to switch off from the outside world whilst in the salon.

Our Achievements and Awards

Our guests reviews

OMG!  Magda I’m so glad to know you!  The best aesthetic practice I’ve been ever!


I choose this place as first impression was what I expected- SAFETY and hygienic, welcome ? Now, after first treatment, I’m pretty sure – I’ll stay for longer! You can’t be disappointed!!


I’d love my eyebrows now – thx


Magda You MADE MY DAY XXX Thank you


This woman… Magdalena… Do amazing stuff! In a 5 min, she took of 10 years from my face!! BIG Thanks Mag!

Marc M

I have been coming to Magda’s practice for years for various treatments. Some of them are truly miraculous! I can say only the best recommendations for both – the place and personally Magda.

She is professional beauty practitioner with the continuous interest to progress in her field I have ever known.

All the best. Xx Tatiana

Laser Hair Removal- Thank you – Magdalena – for being so patient and lovely!

Is better than expected!
Thank you so much!


Although I have some experience with lip filling treatments, at Alter Ego Clinic recently was first time.

Now after few days can definitely say – will be back ! Procedure performed was shockingly painless and results.. Amazing!

Is better than expected! Thank you so much!

Sallie H.

Would recommend anyone who is daring Biomimetic Nano peptide de Rejuvenation to get it done.
It has made a big difference to me. Wish Magda and the team the best of luck.

Roz W.

Fantastic job-thanks
Magdalena is very welcoming person and treatments are always pleasant and ever so relaxing.
She truly is an expert in her field. I highly recommend her services, as she is a professional through and through.

Magdalena you always do a fantastic job- thanks again!

K. Ladwa

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