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Very often during visits of customers is seeing differences in the meaning of concepts. Any, or misinterpretation of names\/phrases in cosmetology often leads to confusion. With Vademecum we want to reduce it. In the guide, you will find selected by me words/phrases and short their explanations. Arranged alphabetically. Limited to the most important points, as adjusted by needs of my clinic and this blog. Remember this by looking in the Vademecum:) The more interested I refer you to the sources of my knowledge, my excellent professors and their publication:
Dr hab.. prof. Marcin Molski – Beauty and chemistry
dr n. med. Sebastian Kuczyński

Acutane is a wit A-based drug used for dermatological acne treatment, photo toxic.

Alter Ego – An alter ego (Latin, “the other I”) is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person’s normal or original personality.

Anagen – A phase of growth, in the life cycle of the hair, (in which laser hair removal is effective)

AZS – Medical term for atopic dermatitis

Banana -a type of rings, consisting of a bar bent in bow, culminating in a larger and smaller screwed bead. Used to pierce belly bottom.

Bioplast, Bioflex-Plastics for initial piercing flexible, elastic. Nickel free. Do not cause allergic reactions.

Blood plasma (plasma)-an essential part of the blood that contains the best ingredients to revitalize and heal tissue

Capillaries– The medical name of dilated blood vessels forming on the skin visible “spider web”

Ceramide – They are a component of lipids in our skin. Are a “binder” and have an important protective role. Their absence is often the cause of skin damage, hair and nails. Ceramide deficiencies should be supplemented by applying cosmetic products with their contents.

Complexion – skin of the face, neck and neckline. (front and rear)

Cosmetology – field of knowledge, covering the three main sectors:
Basic Cosmetology -care and prevention the formation of defects of skin.
Decorative Cosmetology – covering up flaws and accentuating the positive qualities of beauty.
Medical Cosmetology – preventing the progress of defects and cures those already formed.

Collagen – the main protein of connective tissue, which is as if the main “wall” for our skin. Loss of collagen due ageing is like pulling bricks from the wall..

Dermo-cosmetics– specific cosmetic products containing ingredients of the confirmed in numerous studies and treated with palliative or therapeutic dermatological laboratory.
Elastin – A protein that is the main constituent of elastic fibers in the skin. It is responsible for flexibility and resilience. In cosmetics natural elastin deficiencies are supplemented by using hydrolysed elastin.

Eyebrows – eyebrow shaping done by using wax or tweezers.

EFAs – unsaturated fatty acids (omega), a protective role that prevents the loss of water from the skin


Face volumetric– The Idea of volumetric treatments is such a use of filler (most commonly formulations with an acid HA), in people with pronounced aging processes, to get “volume”-the volume of face where young people are natural.

Filler (dermal) – colloquially a name specifying the substance that is used to fill the furrows, enlarge the lips, etc. The most common contains pure hyaluronic acid, sometimes with mixture of other substances e.g. anaesthetics

Freckles-spots on the skin resulting from the disturbed distribution of pigment in the skin.

Fitzpatrick scale – A scale to define the photo type of people breeds (from I to VI) based on the reaction of Sun Light supply.

Frosting skin  – the concept of determining visible whitening on skin imposed acid (usually TCA) where has deeper penetration, gives a feeling local anaesthesia.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a compound naturally found in the human body. Its largest quantities are found in tissues and epithelium. It has a high capacity to bind the water molecules that the body consumes with age. The artificially manufactured form of HA acid was used as a tissue filler.

 Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is an energy-based epilation system (pulse) in a wide range of wavelengths.

Isotretinoin – a component of drugs based on concentrated wit A, used in dermatological treatment of acne, photo toxic.

Labret is a type of rings consisting of a flat ended bar with a screw bead. Used for Pierce in the vicinity of the mouth e.g. Jellyfish

Linoleic acid – in our skin it is the factor upon which proper keratosis of the epidermis is affected; Its deficiency is manifested by the overgrowth of the horn layer and the disturbed exfoliating process.  ŁZS- medical term for the syndrome of Seborrheic dermatitis, most commonly occurs on the face and scalp.    

Iontophoresis -The treatment of the introduction of active substances into the skin using microcurrents.


Micelles – molecules responsible for dissolving and removing impurities from the skin. The ingredients in the thermal water constituting the facial cleansing product.

Mole-type of mark on the skin, formed as a result of the accumulation of pigment.

“Moisturizing from the Inside” – a therapy in which, in addition to the daily portion of water (2l), dietary supplements containing Omega acids are also used to support the skin’s protective barrier, reinforcing the lipid mantle, not allowing the skin to steam too hard, and thus Waste water.

Nutri-cosmetics– oral preparations for daily skin care, nutritional supplements, created to balance physiological skin, hair and nails.

NMF (natural moisture factor)-a natural moisturizing factor, a component of the horn layer of our skin responsible for the normal level of hydration.


Onkokosmetics- Skincare of people affected by oncological treatment. Treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy has consequences in the form of abnormalities in the normal functioning of the skin and its appendits (hair, nails).

Peel off – The name used for skin cleansing masks. It is characterised by the gel consistency of the product, which dries up by creating a flexible coating after application. The peel-off mask detaches from the skin several strokes.

Photodermatosis – A reaction of the skin undergoing some therapy (often medications, sometimes herbs or vitamins) to the effects of UV radiation. It is manifested by varying degrees of rashes with small follices, itching, redness.

Photo- type of skin– acc. Fitzpatrick at the people stands out I-VI skin types, due to the amount of melanin in the skin.

Pores of the skin – microscopic holes in the skin, leading from the gland to the outside of the skin. Represent “the way” for the evacuation of skin products (sebum, sweat, dead cells). On face is occupied by a central place encompassing the T zone.

PLASMA in cosmetics (stream of electrons and ions). Plasma apparatus is used for the so-called procedures without scalpel. This type of discharge generates heat that heats the skin and removes the condition or defect indicated for the procedure.

Plasma Lifting – non-invasive lifting procedure with plasma instead of scalpel.

Radiation reaction – skin response to radiotherapy, is distinguished by 4 stages of grout and each of them recommends a different type of care.

Rosacea is a chronic skin disease that occurs on the face, which reveals a strong erminois on the cheeks and nose, the cracks in the capillaries and papules at a later stage. IPL Light Heals these changes very effectively.

Telogen – A prolapse phase, in the hair life cycle. In this phase, the hair is automatically dropped out and the follicles are resistant to laser energy.

Thermal water – water containing mineral ingredients, suitable for our skin ph. Usually used as a moisturizing mist, cooling spray.

Tinting – dyeing eyebrows or eyelashes

 T-zone – area on the face covering the forehead, nose and chin (a shape like letter T) where there is the largest concentration of glands (skin pores). The term most commonly used in the descriptions of oily and combination skin.

Sebum – the natural secretion of the sebaceous glands of the skin, important to protect it.

Serum- Serum is a concentrated formulation that provides a stronger effect than the cream.

Sonophoresis – A treatment involving the introduction of active substances into the skin using ultrasonic.

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