PDO lifting threads

In Alter Ego new procedure Lifting Threads PDO so I collected the most frequently asked questions on this topic and HERE YOU ARE:


The abbreviation PDO comes from the name Polydioxanone, from which the threads are made, it is a material known and used in medicine for many years. Polydioxanone, due to its properties consisting in stimulating the production of collagen, has found application in aesthetic medicine as an antidote to skin flabbiness and wrinkles. What are the results of lifting PDO threads?
The introduction of PDO threads allows you to achieve an immediate improvement in the appearance of the skin. Created with the help of thread scaffolding allows you to get a nice face oval and smooth out wrinkles. Skin tension improves, there is a reduction in hamsters and puppet lines, as well as drooping corners of the mouth and cheeks. The face is rejuvenated and looks relaxed. Every day the skin becomes smoother and much firmer.

procedure Lifting Threads PDO before and after

What does the PDO Thread treatment look like?

There are threads of various types available on the market, which are required by other treatment techniques. To introduce PDO lifting threads under the skin, no cuts are made on it. An extremely thin needle is inserted under the patient’s skin, on which a PDO thread is applied. In this way, the appropriate number of threads is introduced, building a “frame” for the selected area of the face. Then the needles are removed, the threads remain under the skin.


The procedure is not painful and often no anesthesia is used. In the Alter Ego clinic, we care about the comfort of patients and use an anesthetic cream before the procedure.


The use of lifting threads does not require convalescence. Immediately after the procedure, slight swelling and redness may be visible. The appearance of bruises depends largely on the skilled hand of a specialist and the places where the threads are introduced. Even if bruises form after the procedure, they are small and easy to hide under makeup. How long do the effects of the treatment last?
The threads begin to dissolve in the tissue gradually, after about 6 months after being introduced into the skin, however, the effect of the treatment lasts about 2 years. Long-term stimulation of skin cells to produce new collagen is one of the biggest advantages of PDO lifting threads. The scaffold created by the subcutaneous threads within a few months becomes a scaffold made of collagen naturally produced by skin fibroblasts. The obtained aesthetic effects usually last up to 24 months.


In the case of treatments with lifting threads, the season does not matter at all – they can be performed throughout the year, also in summer. The weather does not affect the effects of the treatment. PDO lifting threads are completely safe for the human body.

PDO THREADS Application

PDO lifting threads can be used practically all over the body, not only on the face. Thanks to them, you can smooth the folds and wrinkles of the skin on the neck and décolleté. They are used in the treatment of sagging tissues and stretch marks on the buttocks, abdomen, arms and legs. Threads are also used to improve the structure of the skin of the elbows and knees and to firm and model the breasts.

In the Alter Ego clinic we usually make threads in face and neck areas, but we are open to suggestions! Where on your body you have area that could be firmed and lifted? Welcome 😊

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