At our clinic, we’re thrilled to have Helen Kuzmina as part of our team.

A tattoo artist concentrating on inking a design on a client's arm, her own arms adorned with detailed tattoos.
Helen is an Artistic & Medical Tattooist and is an excellent fit for her role at Alter Ego Clinic. She shares the same level of professionalism and dedication as required to do a job at highest quality.   

Let’s dive into Helen’s fascinating world: Starting from her school days, Helen discovered her passion for art by pencilling her schoolmates. Her artistic flair led her to pursue further studies, and she eventually became a clothes designer.    

But Helen didn’t stop there; she constantly honed her skills, delving deeper into the world of art. Her dedication paid off when she received several prestigious awards. First places at competitions in Prague, Frankfurt, Kaliningrad in 2009. Notably, she gained recognition for her exquisite work in miniature Art – Golden Hands of the World .

These intricate pieces showcased her attention to detail and mastery of technique.

In 2011 Helen took a bold step and transitioned into the world of tattooing. Her unique blend of creativity, precision, and passion has made her a sought-after artist.  

Whether it’s a delicate floral design or an elaborate sleeve, Helen brings her artistic vision to life on her clients’ skin. Her passion lies in combining industry best practices with the art and craft of traditional tattooing to create both custom body art tattoos and restorative tattoo work for individuals.

The First of Her Kind

Helen’s qualifications are truly exceptional. She is the one of few people in the UK to be qualified both through a professional traditional Tattoo Apprenticeship and in Medical Tattooing. This unique combination allows her to offer a holistic approach, blending artistic creativity with medical precision.

Artistic Tattoos: Personalized Designs

Every tattoo Helen creates is custom designed for the individual. Drawing on her background as an artist and illustrator, she ensures that each design is unique, harmonizing beautifully with the client’s body. Whether you have a specific idea or need guidance, Helen’s consultations lead to bespoke designs that reflect your personality and style.

You can get in touch with Helen via text or Whatsup 07455011252 

A collage of diverse tattoos by Helen Kuzmina, featuring a tiger, an eye in hamsa, a geisha, a wolf, a horse, and a lion's face.

Medical Tattooing: Enhancing Appearance After Surgery or Trauma

Medical Tattooing aims to improve the appearance of the body after surgery or trauma. Techniques like Microneedling and Pixels Micropigmentation help revise and camouflage scars. Helen seamlessly combines these medical techniques with artistic tattooing, recreating missing body parts—such as eyebrows with hairstrokes after hair loss. 


Scar Cover Tattoos: Beauty Over Scars

Helen specializes in designing custom decorative tattoos specifically to cover scars. Her treatment plans may also involve medical tattooing techniques like MCA Microneedling (dry tattooing) or Pixels Micropigmentation. These methods smooth and improve scar texture, preparing them for successful cover-up tattoos. To draw attention away from any scarring – tattoo becomes a powerful statement of reclamation, helping clients heal mentally and reclaim their bodies.

A series of after photos showing the healed results of clients' eyebrows and lips post medical tattooing by Helen Kuzmina.
Helen Kuzmina’s dedication to her craft transforms lives, empowering individuals through artistry and healing. 

 If you’re curious about her work or want to explore personalized tattoo designs, visit: 

Instagram : Helen Kuzmina

Facebook: Helen Kuzmina 

Remember, every inked stroke tells a story—a story of resilience, beauty, and transformation.

At Alter Ego Clinic we are dedicated to add positive vibes to each story of our amazing clients😊                                                              

So, if you’re looking for a tattooist who combines experience, creativity, and a love for art, look no further than Helen Kuzmina!

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