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We grouped treatments into categories to facilitate. Simply click on the categories to view details.
Remember that we are working with your skin (in most cases).   And we are flexible – same like it.

Due to the number of possible combinations, which can’t be easily described – Please note that pricing is a landmark.
Therefore, if you cannot find a specific item in the price list –  simply call us. Sometimes we make an unusual procedure as well.

If you are not sure which from the treatments is for you – Simply book consultation!

During this visit we will give you diagnosis of your skin, we will review possible solutions and offer care plan-tailored to your needs and possibilities.
It will take 30-45 minutes and in this time, answer all your questions, and if you decide that you do a treatment in our clinic-cost of consultation £20 – will be deducted from its price.

Regular customers may enjoy free consultation and specially prepared offers.

If you see something missing on our offer, simple call, write and as us!

Aesthetic medicine

Electrocoagulation of skin lesions – removal of fibromas, nevi, warts, etc.
45 min of procedure (with local anaesthesia) £65.00

Chemical Peel (face or other areas) a TCA acid 20%-45% £90.00 per session.
TCA acid concentration is chosen individually regarding skin needs.

Dermal Filler treatments with pure hyaluronic acid
Areas treated like: folds, lines, lips, cheekbones,
-depending on the amount of material used 1 ml-£165.00

Tissue Biostimulators/ Volumetric injections 
are priced like  £185.00 

Dermal filler PLLA Sculptra  5ml (1 vial per session)- £299.00, 10ml(2 vials) – £499.00

Treatments with botulinum toxin type A–  Price depends on the number of zones where botulinum is injected (applies to one visit)
£160.00-one zone (i.e.. the area around the eyes- “Crows feet”)
£205.00-2 zones
£280.00-3 zones    add-ons at time of treatment (chin, bunny-lines, peri oral lines) ) £25.00 each

Lipolysis -dissolution of fat deposits.
1 ampoule 5ml Where 5ml is enough to reduce body fat from area like „double chin” £140.00
Larger body areas (love handles, buttocks) require more products injected – the price increases by £55 with any another ampoule 5ml. Maximum amount you can get is 25ml of product per single session.

Plasma lift . Advanced treatment with the use of ozone plasma.

So-called lifting without a scalpel. Correct looser areas of the skin by stimulating fibroblasts.  £150.00 per area.                                                                                                                                                              Platelet-rich plasma, PRP

The so-called vampire lifting, a procedure using plasma from the patient’s own blood.

Face area £155.00, face+neck area +neckline £199.00

PDO threads non-surgical lifting

Treatment using polydioxanone (soluble) threads enabling correction and lifting of selected areas of the face and body. 

When modeling individual areas such as the mouth, eyebrows or eye area, the price varies between £155.00-£250.00 When modeling the face area like the upper or lower half (the limit is determined by the nose), the price varies between £250.00 -£350.00 A full face lift starts with a price of £450.00

The total cost of the procedure depends on the type and number of threads used that will be used.

For each patient, an individual price will be determined during the consultation.


Returning clients have advantage of loyalty offers.

Dear clients: For treatments from aesthetic medicine we approach with special attention, each procedure before a careful consultation. We pay attention to the expectations of patients and assess the possibility of meeting these expectations before we perform the procedure.

Mesotherapy, PRP therapy, Vitamin shots and IV drips

Mesotherapy with single ingredient –  Facial with use of  injections, determined by skin conditions(numbing cream included) ea. Vit C, ha acid, peptides – Price £65

Mesotherapy with PRP – procedure of application of platelet rich plasma on to special

area to re-heal it. Ex. Hair regrow in bold places       price £85.00   per treatment.                           

Mesotherapy with cocktail-ampoule 

Facial with use of mixtures injected, determined by skin conditions , – Price £85

As the best result with mesotherapy you can achieve after a multi session.

We are using only the best quality products for our clients.

Vampire facelift – a procedure of face injections with platelet-rich plasma (PRP),    

recovered from the client’s own blood. 

Facial treatment price £150.00     Treatment including face, neck, and price £199.00 

Vitamin  Shoots / injections – vitamin injection procedure (selected during consultation)

Available options for wit. B12, Vitamin D, Biotin, Vitamin C

1 injection – price £25.00          course of 5 injections £99.00

Vitamin drips – intravenous supplementation of selected cocktails with vitamins,

Price includes basic 500ml mineral solution with application.                from £75.00 –125.00 depending from chosen additives.

Facials -skin care treatments

Treatments performed with us are a minimum of 45min of strict skin care,
always using the best quality products.


Bespoke treatment selected during consultation £60.00
Treatment with Mandelic acid £55.00
Face cleaning (manual) £60.00
Cavitation Peel (ultrasound) £55.00
Diamond microdermabrasion £59.00
Neoderma light £57.00
Bio lifting treatment with microcurrents (face, neck, neckline) £52.00
Thalion Energy & Radiance £60.00
Thalion absolute Youth £65.00
Plasma treatment light ozone, stimulating facial using plasma pen £85.00


For regular customers, who use treatments many times we have a special offer of treatment subscriptions adapted individually to the needs of the skin and the capabilities and requirements of customers. We offer 6 or 12 monthly subscriptions with special, attractive prices.

Example annual plan:
Series of 4 photo rejuvenation treatments for face (worth £380)
Series of 5 cavitation treatments (value £275)
A series of 6 eyebrow and eyelash care treatments (worth £120)

Single session plasma ozone light treatment (worth £85)

Single session Bio Lifting for face, neck an decollate (worth £52)
Consultation and selection of beauty products with samples (value £40)
Total treatments value £952
Our offer: £850!
where the first visit cost £199 and the next 11 instalments are £59.00 per month!

Ask for offer tailored for you!

Laser therapy prices

The cure and stimulation of laser light beam.

Test for skin light sensitivity and photo type of skin set up,
necessary before any laser treatment £20.00

Photo rejuvenation of skin
Area for face and neck £90.00
Area for face, neck, cleavage and hands £105.00

Laser Acne treatment for face £70.00

Rosacea and capillaries treatment £90.00

Pigmentation removal for face neck £90.00

Piercing (earrings included)

Made by piercing gun

Both ears £ 30.00
nostril £ 20.00 (single)

Body piercing made by piercing needle
eyebrow, nose, beard, lips, belly button or ear parts £ 30.00

Micro dermal, implant £ 45.00
implant removal (local anaesthetic included) £ 25.00

We use only safe and sterile jewellery – kind you can choose before treatment.
We will give you aftercare product and advice at the end.

Hopi Ear Candling

Ear Candling Treatment £ 25.00

Basic treatments-Beauty touch

Eyebrow tint and shape and eyelash tint set. £20.00
There is a possibility exchange eyelash tint to upper lip wax.
No separate services within.

Warm wax services
Face £20.00
Arms £20.00
Full legs £30.00
Chest or back price started from £30.00

Consultation only
Consultation only- check skin condition, bespoke treatments, advice regarding selfcare.
No services at present £20.00

* Alter Ego Beauty Clinic- Terms and Conditions  for download in the page footer.

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