Today, for a change, we will describe not the one, but many Wendy’s and Marc’s visits to all of different ages.

Treatments, which I think have no age limits. And the popularity of their passing away not years. Change only the place and the method of the tagging.

Let’s start with the most popular piercing –  ear lobes.

The piercing ear lobes accept our youngest clients, having even a few months! Of course, in case you are underage, it is necessary to consent and the parent’s care at the time of surgery.  From experience I can assure you, that puncture the ears a child under one year old is much better decision than when the child is 1-4 years old. This involves much less stress, but also easier to wound healing, without touch small gripper to the ears ?

Puncture ear lobes are:

  • Executing “gun”
  • With sterile, special jewellery
  • Safe
  • Painless
  • Constraining instance of allergy to a minimum

Thanks to the gun, we can perform the surgery very quickly, the stud immediately is fastened. Special jewellery helps in the healing process and does not require special care.

Therefore, so many people have not 1 and more holes in the ears ?

Body Piercing



Adult customers often decide on other than earlobes pierced. Do not use the gun to them, but special tools and needles. Jewellery used in body piercings is varied, depending on the location on the body.

Body piercing include puncture:

  • Ear-cartilage and other sites (outside of the lobes)
  • Eyebrows
  • Nose
  • Lips and surrounding areas
  • Navel

At our clinic, the procedures are performed using the latest methods and safety rules.

For particularly faint-hearted we have numbing method?

We always use disposable hygiene materials and the highest quality earrings.

Microdermals, skin divers, implants- single point rings

Certainly for many of us a new feature are microdermals or implants. These are the studs that are made for places where it is not possible to use the standard jewellery for piercings. Establishment of microdermals requires do a special “pocket” under the skin. Cone-shaped footer is inserted under the skin, and the top extends over its surface. Some implants look good as part of the tattoo. Women often choose cleavage to place it.

 The piercing healing

The time of healing piercings is dependent on several factors, you can’t exactly give the period otherwise than the range from 4 weeks to several months. Normal is a delicate redness the first few days. Small amounts of white or slightly yellow substance secreted by the body for up to three months, also it is not disturbing (it’s plasma!).

The systematic care will assist the healing process, however, our body should also begin the healing process itself.

Too frequent washing, use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol more harm than help.

Recommendations after the piercing:

  • in the initial phase of the healing piercing handle gently.
  • touch the piercing site and stud only washed hands.
  • use a solution of sea salt – washing place the piercing for 5 minutes twice a day.
  • use a cotton swab to remove secretions and dirt that could appear on the jewellery and move it in front and back.
  • do not use for cleaning hydrogen peroxide and alcohol-containing measures, because they slow down the healing process. Too frequent washing is not recommended!
  • for three months, avoid long and hot baths
  • avoid swimming in rivers and Lakes (there are bacteria that increase risk of infection).
  • do not pull out the stud before the healing is complete!
  • remember checking the balls, if they’re tight.
  • in the case of navel piercing, we do not recommend the tight clothes and perform intense exercise for the abdominal muscles.

Our customers always receive a product for the care of the wounds as well as a package of advice on care of piercings. Whatever they can always ask for professional assistance in case of problems.

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