A gift that will satisfy everyone ?

Winter is the time when many occasions are encouraging us to reflect on gifts.

The following are occasions like Christmas Eve, New Year, as well as less family, but important professional events -Christmas Party are associated with the theme of gifts. For many of us, the question – what should I buy it? That’s a big hassle.
In the Alter Ego beauty Clinic, we will remove this problem and present a ready solution:

 A gift that will satisfy everyone:  Express beauty gift

Solution to all the “gifted” trouble is our Express beauty gift. Cooperation with Dr. Grandel brand has allowed the development of a unique formula of treatment, from which everyone will be satisfied.

One treatment for all? Possible?

Yes that’s possible! All thanks to the unique “skin Happiness ampoules”. 
Dr. Grandel made a very wide choice among the ampoules (there are now 18 types!)
which provides the ability to fit ingredients to absolutely any type of skin!

Further reasons for which the Express beauty Gift would enjoy everyone:

  • facial is calming, relaxing.
  • improvement of the skin condition is immediately visible
  • perfet as a treatment “just before the exit, date, festivity”
  • visit is short (30 minutes), it does not take the time, which today is all missing
  • option for those who do not use the services of beauty clinics as well as for those already experienced
  • proposal is for both women and men
  • the price of the gift, available to anyone
  • the possibility to fund an exclusive procedure yourself

How does Express beauty gift work?

How does Express beauty Gift work? Very simple! We made sure about all the details, including those regarding the purchase. When choosing Express Beauty gift, you do not need to give the information for whom you buy the gift. For just £29.99, you get a beautifully packed voucher with information about the treatment that recipient can book in a convenient period*! and done already!

“Who is getting this gift, and if it’s a gift for you,” is the decision you can take at any time.
It is certain that such a gift will enjoy everyone?


 * offer to be used by the end of February 2019. It does not combine with other promotions in Alter Ego beauty Clinic. It is not subject to exchange for other procedures or cash.


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