And what do you know about UV filters?

Summer in full, this year even here in the UK sun not hiding. And that’s why today’s article is important to everyone – regardless of whether and where we spend their holidays. Knowledge of how sunlight and UV rays affect our skin is constantly increasing. The subject of UV filters is also very wide.. And how is it combined in practice? Poorly.

So, so as not to confuse you in the heads even more, today will be what and how – “Straight from the bridge” ? how to choose a protective cosmetics?

Use products, protective cosmetics – summertime always, even if you do not go sunbathing. Products with UV filters are designed to protect us! But to do so, we have to use them!

When choosing a cosmetic with a filter, pay attention to:

• -High SPF protection (minimum to protect against Burns is SPF30)
• -UVA/UVB or/and 4 or 5 star signs
• other product features are just a matter of your individual tastes, so you can choose.
• Among the products:
• -in the form of creams
• -in the form of emulsion
• -in the form of oils-in the form of powder
• -spray-in terms of odour
• -in terms of consistency
and once you have chosen UVA/UVB protection cosmetic product, apply it according to the following principles.

UVA/UVB Protective Cosmetics rules:

• -Apply coarse cosmetic 15-30 minutes before you go out to the sun
• -remember the places on the body like ears and feet
• -most effectively are thick layers
• -Go-repeat the application every 2 hours,
• and immediately after Swimming and wiping with a towel.

Should all protective products be re-applied every 2 hours? Also those that are “waterproof”, and those that have the inscription “Once a Day” (once a day). The protective cosmetic is effective when it is on our skin, and within 2h very easy to wipe it, it remains on clothes or towels.

The complete set with protective products A handful of tips to make summer and sun safe :-Never let Burns-this is the main cause of skin tumours.

  • -Protect your skin by wearing clothes, do not forget about your head
  • -a hat that will protect your head, face, ears and neck
  • -remember also the sunglasses with UVA/UVB filter
  • -Go down the sun before your skin is reds
  • -stay in the shadows between 11:00 a.m. and 15.00 when the sun shines most strongly
  • -take care of yourself and your loved ones: children are especially helpless; their skin burns very easily.

The only right protective filter for children is SPF50.

Toddlers should always be away from direct sunlight.

At present, we have too much knowledge about the dangers of exposing ourselves to solar radiation to disrespect the health and life of children.

The days when the beaches were full of small naked is a thing of the past. Today, these grown-up people are easily distinguished from others-the body has hundreds of birthmarks and moles-Grave mementos of carefree times.

Enjoy the summer and sunbathe safely! Make it easy to control using the World UV application.

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