A series of after photos showing the healed results of clients' eyebrows and lips post medical tattooing by Helen Kuzmina.

This compelling image collage displays the healed outcomes of Helen Kuzmina’s medical tattooing work on a selection of clients. Each photo reveals the expert application of eyebrow and lip tattoos that have healed beautifully, demonstrating Helen’s skill in creating natural-looking enhancements. The top row features close-up views of clients’ eyes post-procedure, with their eyebrows exhibiting a full, defined shape. The bottom left image highlights the even and smooth healing of an eyebrow tattoo, and the bottom right shows a pair of lips healed after tattooing, presenting a subtle, fuller appearance. Central to the collage is an image of Helen in the process of tattooing a client, showcasing her technique and care. Each photo is marked with “healed” and the “KUZMINA” watermark, underscoring the quality and success of the treatments.

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