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Summer season in full, pull out hands to the Sun, we assume sandals. Opportunity to take a closer look at our hands and feet, perfect ? Have a look at the following offer. Another Wendy found something for her hands, next Marc discovered something for his feet.

How to take care of your hands? Check to see if we can help you with this.

Destroyed hands require special care, which is not always possible at home. Thin and almost devoid of sebaceous skin betrays our age. As a result: the first wrinkles and spots, and skin becomes rough. Then what to do?

We can help with special treatments, prepared for hands:

• Mesotherapy
• Chemical peel
• Photorejuvenation

Mesotherapy – of hands

Mesotherapy of hands is where a series of small injections of individually selected for skin problem are compound. The structure of the epidermis will rebuild through revitalizing mixture. Moisture level will improve in nourishing mixture with vitamins A & E, and non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, improving elasticity.

Chemical peeling of the hands skin

Chemical peel of hands skin the is using the appropriate acid concentration TCA (trichloro acetic). Allows you to get rid of the superficial layers of skin and as a result, the unveiling of the smooth, devoid of the stains of the skin.

Photorejuvenation of hands

Rejuvenation skin of the hand performed laser is effective and non-invasive way to restore the hands softness. The procedure helps to get rid of dark spots, freckles, fine vascular lesions, as well as to firm and smooth the skin. Treatment is safe and does not require anaesthesia. Performs normally 3 treatments at intervals of 3 weeks, and for the full fixation achieved results. Your hands will regain flexibility and silky softness.

Manicure for ladies and gentlemen

Manicure– a service that never will go down in history. Paraffin bath, preceded by peeling, then careful nails shaping -even the most weathered hands regain the softness. Gentlemen-this service should be entered in your calendar permanently!

Hybrid manicure, Pedicure

Manicure Hybrid, in turn, treatment more often chosen by women. We focus here on the nails, which are coated with a special light self-curing– gel, glisten beautifully a couple of weeks! The same lasting effect, we can get on the nails of the feet, by performing a pedicure hybrid. To properly manicured feet it all summer!
And how to take care of your feet? Also, we can help.

The feet are the part of our body that we remember most when approaching the season for outdoor footwear. And yet perform for us an incredible job! Take them out and ensure that not only look beautiful, but first about health.


Pedicure is for the feet do not need medical treatment. However, our feet require proper care, and not always we can go it alone. The problem may be a proper nail care, but not only. The skin on the soles is twice thicker than in the other. Any damage in the area, calls the pain, can also lead to serious infection. Pedicure done in our clinic allows us to avoid such trouble. However, if we were unable to avoid problems, the solution is a medical pedicure.

Medical Pedicure

Medical Pedicure allows you to identify and help treat athlete’s foot, rebuild damaged nail, remove corns and calluses, and also reduce the problem of dry, painfully crowded skin on the soles..

This pedicure is for you, if your problem is:

• excessive dryness of the skin on the soles of the feet,
• Excessive xerosis on the feet,
• Cracked heel,
• Corns on the toes,
• Calluses on the soles
• Calluses of the feet
• Warts
• Nail Deformation
• An ingrown toenail

During procedure, we bespoke if necessary treatments plan, give advice on proper home care.

An ingrown toenail is the cause of much suffering. Cut the sides of the nail does not always fix the problem. Some grappling with the wrenching problem for a very long time. It does not have to be! In our clinic, ingrown toenails are adjusted by special brackets. It is mounted on the nail plate, just above the place where it starts to grow into in the finger. It remains on the nail until it grows new track. Establishment of buckles brings the patient to immediate relief. Nail clamp looks aesthetically, but above all not grows further and does not hurt!

Now you pull out your feet and see what you currently need! -Welcome ?

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