During one of her regular visits, our customer Wendy confided to special occasion waiting her soon. A trip to Poland on the wedding ceremony of relatives is an opportunity to meet with several members of the family, sometimes not seen for years. It is understood that Wendy would then feel and look their best. And we could help her ?.

  • age of clients – 53 years.
  • type of skin: dry, mature skin. medium wrinkles and skin laxity.
  • the health status -good, occasional stomach problems.
  • factors affecting the current state of the skin – unhealthy diet, poor hydration,
  • the current way skin care at home: good – micellar gel, creams for day and night, and under the eyes to the appropriate age group.
  • the most urgent problems of Wendy is the loss of muscle tone, skin laxity which sad facial expression

Bio-lifting procedure that our considerations Wendy having regard to her expectations.

Bio-lifting – what it is, what is?

Bio face lift is one of the most effective treatments designed for gymnastics and stimulation of the facial muscles. The treatment is done by massage the face, neck and neckline carried out probes with microcurrents. Then-producing ions in cooperation with cosmetic products penetrate cells, supplying them with water and nutrients.

What are micro currents?

Micro currents activate the regeneration taking place in the cells. Apply various electrical impulses in the same session. Thanks to the diverse and ever-changing currents, adipose tissue and muscle is up to start for the exchange of ions in the skin, so it needs more work. The entire treated area is oxygenated and powered in nutrients.

The action of Bio lifting procedure

Bio lifting stimulate the activity of cells responsible for:

  • reconstruction of collagen and elastin fibres,
  • increasing the contractility of muscle fibres
  • improving excretion of toxins along with excess water,
  • regeneration and smoothing the skin,
  • improving blood circulation and lymph circulation
  • nutrition and oxygenation.

To whom is proposed bio lifting?

Broad range of effects of the treatment points to as a wide range of issues, in which bio lifting can help. There are no age limits, efficiency is achieved with the right number of meetings. Bio-lifting is indispensable treatment before any important occasion on which you want to impressive, fresh and young look. Exactly like our Wendy. Bio-lifting is painless and comfortable. During the procedure, you can feel a slight tingling or involuntary muscle contractions. The effects are noticeable almost immediately.

Effects of the treatment bio lifting:

  • restoration of muscle tension
  • raise falling facial contours,
  • elimination of “bags” and shadows under the eyes,
  • delay the aging process of the skin,
  • activation,
  • improvement of blood circulation and microcirculation,
  • strengthening the protective barrier of the skin.
  • deep tissue regeneration
you do not need to have clearly flabby skin, to take advantage of the effects of bio-lifting. This treatment is the perfect complement to care for active people, athletes on a regular basis. Bio-lifting may be treated as “fitness for the face”

Contraindications for bio lifting

In certain situations, to the security we cannot perform the procedure. In the case of bio-lifting are:

  • metal implants in the body (the starter)
  • epilepsy
  • pregnancy
  • active cancer
  • post-operative period (3 months)
  • fevers
  • electric muscle cramping during
  • skin inflammation

Bio Lifting the proposed number and frequency of treatments

Depending on the expected effects of Bio lifting is performed in the series, at regular intervals between treatments.

  • for skin hydration: 1-2 treatments at intervals of 10-14 days
  • to tissue regeneration: 8 – 10 treatments at intervals of 10-14 days
  • full lifting face and neck: 6 – 12 treatments at intervals of 7-10 days
  • to smooth, to reduce wrinkles: 4 – 12 treatments at intervals of 7-10 days

As Wendy early told us about her plans, yet we could plan a program 7 treatments every week. After two visits client noticed a distinct change in the skin, especially improving the contours of your face (reduction of “Hamster bags”). After a series of bio – lifting -effect was stunning-so for Wendy and us ?Face has the look of a relaxed, took the freshness thanks to smoothing wrinkles around the eyes. Droopy previously mouth, back into place and remove the sad expression on her face. The neck has become smooth and radiant skin with oxygenation. Wanda laughed, that she does not know how to move away from the mirror ? Now we are waiting for the return of the client’s and family reaction stories – certainly she will hear many compliments ?

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