Body Piercing

Today on the wallpaper we take a theme that is not aging – piercing.

Piercing is a field that has a history, but the future in some way for each of us ?

Motivation to have decorations in the form of piercing is a lot:

  • -tradition
  • -fashion
  • -group membership
  • -selecting individuality
  • -emphasizing beauty
  • -concealing shortcomings (Yes! Belly button piercing effectively distracts from the unsightly of stretch marks)

To add what once it’s new trends in decorating the body and we are confident that each of us about the piercing has slipped through the thought..

Whatever your taste, proponents and opponents of piercings should be interested in this theme ?

Performance of ear piercing for many of you is not a big case, and often do self-piercing.. It usually end up with it without problems ?  

I’d like to note that Body Piercing is a much more serious matter, requiring knowledge of anatomy and physiology, so you might want to consider performing body decorations in a professional studio.

Why use professional piercing services?

  • -Your health is a priority, and the bad piercing is the risk.
  • -Hygiene first of all-
  • -You are assured that the piercing will be properly made-the earring will not be crooked..
  • -You will have a ring with appropriate material and size.
  • -You will get professional advice on how and what to nurture pierced place to make the healing process as problematic as least.
  • -Do not risk-badly pierced navel mean: continuous swelling, pain and no healed wound, and consequently no ring.
  • -In case of complications (infection) you will have to whom to ask for help.

From what material should be made initial jewellery?

Rings for the first pierce should be made of materials such as:

  • -PTFE, Bioplast, Bioflex-  Flexible, No nickel-containing. Do not cause allergic reactions.
  • -Titanium G5 and G23- metal, do not cause allergic reactions, safer, harder but more expensive than 316l steel.
  • -316l Surgical steel-safe, most commonly used, can however be an allergen for very sensitive individuals.

we used recommended, today-reborn use for the first pierce of precious metal jewellery like gold or silver?  They cause irritation due to admixtures of other metals!.

Remember that your body will not want to accept materials that cause allergies or irritations.  Also not sterilized before piercing jewellery poses a risk. This can lead to a situation where the wound will not want to heal and in addition will be scarring.

The first ring. Size matters?

Not only the material, but the size of initial jewellery matters. The ring should never push on the skin. The pierced place swells, so to piercing you need to choose a larger size than we will need later.

Does body piercing hurt?

Body piercing can hurt.. This depends largely on the person performing the piercing. Pain is a very individual matter and it is difficult to judge it clearly. Choosing to make a professional piercer – pain (if any) you limit to a few seconds.

Is anaesthesia used for body piercing?

Basically there is no need, but as you can. The most popular are ointments and gels, which is applied to the place of piercing, appropriate time before piercing.  The most common numbing is used for implantation  (microdermals, dermal anchors).

Rules to facilitate the healing of piercings:

To heal piercing you must follow several rules:

  • -do not touch the wound with dirty hands.
  • -Initially wash the wound 2-3 times during the day.
  • -use only products recommended by the specialist, do not use alcohol or ointment
  • -the wound will systematically extract fluids. The skin is dissected and the gentle seepage of the blood as well as the fluid containing the lymph (white-yellowish colour) is natural. The body tries to heal the damaged place in this way.
  • -Try to wet clean place of piercing. Do not scratch dry.
  • -Take a shower instead of a long bath in the bath, if possible.
  • -Be careful not to soak too much wounds.
  • -avoid swimming in the lake, rivers, swimming pools (hatchery of infection).
  • -be careful with the use of cosmetic products and avoid contact with chemistry (e.g. hairspray).
  • -around piercing place try to wear clean, comfortable clothing that does not pull about the ring. It is not advisable for example wear high, tight pants where belly button pierced..
  • -be careful not to break, do not hook piercings in the course of daily activities (wiping with a towel, combing the hair)
  • -check every day whether ring is tightened.
  • -remember the time of healing and do not change the rings before full healing.


Take care of the pierced place also after healing and enjoy it!

Access to jewellery nowadays is almost unlimited, use this and have fun as you like ?

Piercing lovers have more fun.. ?

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