December is always associated with holidays and Christmas with gifts. And we do not provide an exception here, the topic of gifting at the clinic extends many weeks after the holidays. Cosmetic Course Giveaway ? What’s the point? And here is that not always cosmetics is a good idea for a gift…

Why is cosmetics not always a good gift?

The fact that cosmetics are not always a good idea, provide the stories of our customers, repeated every year words:

  • the same set I gave as a gift year ago!
  • -I threw out, because the smell was awful
  • -I do not know what it is
  • -I’m afraid to use because I have a sensitive skin
  • -I got soap…-Could there be a suggestion?
  • -I gave my husband, it’s not for me
  • -lies on the shelf, I do not use such things
  • -I used only one product, the rest I do not like
  • -I tried several times and it grows me pimples, my eyes swollen, etc.

So if you don’t want your gift to be finished with this signature, think a moment before the beautiful, colourful and already packed box will go to your shopping cart.

Such things are easy to commit when the gift goes to the hands of person not close to us, sometimes even we do not count on the feelings of them. The case changes when the recipient person is close to us and we want the gift to have a genuine pleasure.  You can always ask before and even preview what cosmetics our friend uses. But are the known and already used products surely a cool gift?

If we want to make the cosmetic gift a real pleasure, do not risk it.

If we want to make the cosmetic gift a real pleasure, do not risk it. Even if we know the person for whom we buy a gift, we cannot always predict the reaction of her skin. The price of cosmetic does not indicate its tolerance. I guess no one would like to hear that the super expensive cosmetics set has caused serious sensitisation and instead of enjoying, has caused a problem to recipient.

A good cosmetic gift is a safe gift.

About safety in cosmetics and proper use of products you will learn the most with us.  Alter Ego beauty Clinic for years offers gift vouchers tailored to buyers as well as endowed.

Gift Vouchers-How does it work?

When you want to donate a voucher to use in our clinic, you have a lot of options:

  • -voucher for a cosmetic consultation-examination and diagnosis of complexion
  • -voucher for a certain amount of money for use in the clinic
  • -voucher for a specific treatment-if you know the needs of recipient
  • -voucher for a package of treatments-in case the gift goes to our permanent client
  • -subscription to treatments-an annual plan of treatments performed every 4 weeks.

(last one recently bought a husband as a gift for his wife – really jumping with joy;)

We print our gift cards at the time of purchase, according to the donor’s request. Each recipient has an appropriate date for the voucher for its implementation, not less than 3 months. This allows to use this gift easily and conveniently- match your appointment.

Our vouchers are a great gift solution for the people you care about.  No Risk ?

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