Cosmetologist job requires being up to date with what’s new. A good orientation in beauty trends is as important as work experience. Every day can surprise us a question about the latest super-cosmetic, and history where applied “the super cream”, has not brought effect, I do not even count..

Life in the UK, Korean Beauty and a “Must Have” products

Life in the UK allows for faster and greater access to world news and “hits” cosmetic widely promoted in the media. Korean Beauty is the last strong trend among cosmetics. Deeper knowledge about the products like “MUST HAVE!” I am very needed, since they are not always so wonderful as described.

Hit or Putty? -It does not work! So much money and the lack of effects!

Hit or putty? -It does not work! So much money and the lack of effects! A disappointment, often very expensive “hit” I hear in 90% of the story told me. It is not always the fault of the product itself.

Current trends effective advertising

Reviewing current trends, I usually go to articles that are effective advertising. And this, in turn, in the best case to suppress relevant information. Lacks multiple reliable data. Rare also description of new trend leads to some reflection.

Therefore I am pleased to use fragments of text Marta Waglewska, of  Glamour. pl, who turned out to be a nice variation among the many nonsense, which usually find myself browsing the cosmetic news.

The article that I quote discusses the Glass skin the last Korean beauty trend.

“Among the next Korean beauty trends by championing the internet, in the last days to carry slides out glass skin. What’s it all about? This is nothing like beloved by Korean up to smooth and moisturized skin, except that in the extreme version resembling a glass.

For clarification, my attention caught some of verses. However, if you want to see all the text, you can go to it by clicking here:


“The Trend is to the maximum highlight fresh, flawless complexion and has an unwavering interest first of all Korean girls, maximized the extreme form of a cult of youth. “

Sounds promising, right? However, I would like to draw your attention to the last words: maximized the extreme form of the cult of youth. Let’s be honest and ask ourselves: to what extent we can relate to each other? A question you should ask yourself, when stand before entering of new trend. What I’m expecting from this product, and if it has been made for me?

“How to achieve the effect of glass skin? If you want fast solutions and immediate effects, you can be disappointed-rather difficult to achieve it within a few days, it’s the effect long and regular care, and appropriately selected cosmetics. “

For those words I need to say “Thanks” to the author? I think that this applies to all issues relating to our complexion. Perseverance, regularity and proper selection of cosmetic procedures is the only way!


“Tedious and time-consuming treatments plus inventions (cosmetics) applied regularly give the effect of a glass skin, which completely don’t need makeup! You must, however, admit that the Korean that are glass skin, except that it submits to the beauty rituals, often are naturally healthy and smooth skin “

I’m happy to quote this passage and I extend it to all who are promoted new trends and expect the effects of as on the picture ? Please, consider for a moment, before you spend a fortune on “jar of miracle”.

did you know that. How important is to bring the skin care products to the current state of the skin? Poorly chosen cosmetics, even these basic as cleanser and cream, or the lack of it can lead to serious skin diseases! It is worth to consult your home care with specialist.

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