Diagnosis: Rosacea-What is it? Can it be cured?

Diagnosis: Rosacea is the last very common phrase among my patients. As soon as the questions arise: what is it? Can you cure it? In today’s article I described what information I usually give to my patients during the consultation, when the diagnosis is rosacea.

What is the appearance of rosacea?

Rosacea is chronic disease, which is a condition of the face (chees, beard, nose and eyes). The first stage usually runs very simple. In a person affected by this disease, redness and dilated blood vessels begin to appear often. Distinctive There is a problem with redness of the cheeks especially This may produce a slight change in the ambient temperature and even a glass of wine- face takes red quickly and is not adequately maintained. The next step disease creates lumps and riffages.

Untreated symptoms are exacerbation and the condition of the skin deteriorates considerably. Appears burning and stinging sensation, drying, rarely but even to the so-called lumpy nose hypertrophy, which occurs especially in the case of men.

What promotes the formation and exacerbation of rosacea symptoms?
The formation and exacerbation of rosacea symptoms are promoted:
• Hormonal disorders
• UV-radiation: sunbathing, solarium
• Stress
• High temperature: sauna
• Impact of atmospheric conditions: wind, freeze, large humidity
• Some foods: Hot drinks, spices, alcohol
• Cosmetic ingredients: alcohol, menthol, highly perfumed

Rosacea-What is it? Can you cure it?

What is it? Can you cure it ??? Rosacea is a specific skin disorder that still remains a mystery for physicians. The direct causes of its formation are still not sufficiently understood. It is impossible to cure it completely, but it can effectively relieve its symptoms. In this case, cosmetology treatments has been complemented by a pharmacological therapy.

This disease is often a condition in women, and if italready touches men, it goes on in a much sharpest form. Starts usually 30-60 age, most often in adults with a bright canicular, blue eyes and blond-colored hair (i.e. I OR II photo type acc.Fitzpatrick).

How does rosacea treatment work?

Treatment goes with two-fold. The patient should consult a dermatologist and, if necessary, undergo general treatment.
The important role in the treatment of rosacea is symptomatic treatment. At this stage, the patient can search for help in beauty clinics.

Effective treatments to combat rosacea:

Iontophoresis or Sonophoresis – treatments involving the introduction of active substances in the body. This substance and the sealing of blood vessels, e.g. vitamin C, K, PP. Iontophoresis be performed even daily, the procedure lasts 15-20 minutes. The series includes 10-20 treatments.

– Treatment IPL light– which results in a short- coagulation and damage capillaries and then close it.

– IPL light not only is it effective for the vessel, but it also copes with redness on skin.
It is recommended to perform 4-6 treatments at intervals of 3-4 weeks.

At Alter Ego Beauty Clinic We already have many happy patients after completing the therapy of Rosacea with light IPL-many of them repeats that they regret only that they have so long procrasted with taking treatment!
Selected treatments can stop the development of the disease and bring a significant improvement in skin condition. They will be suitable for sensitive and vascular skin. The cosmetologist focuses mainly on skin moisture and minimizing irritation

Home Care and prophylaxis

Home care and prophylaxis are important in this condition. Be aware of what exacerbates acne lesions and avoid these factors. Daily, people with rosacea should only use mild, odorless, non-coloured and preservative cosmetics intended for sensitive and allergic skin.

In the cosmetic ingredients be:

• Vitamins C, K, PP (sealing blood vessels),
• Routine
• Gof the main arnica,
• OutofWild myrtu Flower,
• The extract from Japanese Ginkgo biloba
• Chestnut
• Witch Hazel Extract,
• Green tea,
• Protection UVA i UVB (min. SPF 30),

Daily care excluding scrubs, all cosmetics make skin exfoliation, alcohol-based cosmetics and highly perfumed and contain AHA acids.

We should remember that Rosacea is a chronic illness, so these actions are intended to help to reduce and minimize its symptom.

Adequately chosen recurring treatment series and home care, makes the condition of body, and with it the comfort of life, successfully improved.


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