Alternative medicine for you today and one of the treatments permanently entered in the menu our clinic. Ear candling is an ancient method of therapy used in India, Tibet, in the Americas- by tribes of Hopi, and extremely appreciated and practiced in Western Europe.

The treatment shall apply special candles (conch shells) that are in the form of about 20 cm thin tubes made of flax, extract honey and beeswax (it is sometimes soaked with oil or medicinal herbs extracts as well)

How ear candling looks like?

The treatment lasts about 30-minute. The patient is comfortable to relax. Therapist for a few minutes massaging oil earlobe and then place in the ear a lighted candle. The flame is sucking, thanks to exonerate the wires.

This is called effect of chimney-the heated air with pollution is drawn up.

The treatment is very pleasant and relaxing. The patient feels the heat, he hears the sizzle of fire and feels pressure changes in the ear. Therapist sees the safety of procedure and after burning open the rest of the candle and check how much debris from the ear has accumulated in its middle.

For whom is  ear candling ? Indications for treatment.

Indications apply to all who want to thoroughly clean the ear canal or suffer from:

  • excess ear wax in the ear
  • frequent diseases of the ear, throat, nose
  • sinusitis or a cold.
  • sounds in the ears of different origins
  • balance disorders
  • migraines and dizziness
  • chronic fatigue • insomnia

Effects ears of ear candling

As main effects candling of ears more than 90% of patients describes

  • reduce pressure,
  • “lightness”-feeling around the ears and in the head
  • to improve the quality of hearing loss
  • painless remove ear wax
  • unblock sinuses
  • therapeutic effect on most of the diseases
  • release from migraines
  • improve relaxation and sleep quality
  • Indians use this way, for “impure” forces-however, this is less common with us the result

After ear candling after for a few hours, you can feel a light tingling head, light weight and feeling of relaxation. Not allowed on this day, soak the head, expose the drafts and cold air.

Doing ear candling at home without proper knowledge is dangerous.

Inaccurately made, in extreme cases can lead to damage to the eardrum and hearing.

Might also come even to inflammation of the middle ear

Ear candling-contraindications

  • allergies to bee wax
  • ear infections with leaks
  • inflammation of the head
  • ruptured eardrum
  • hearing aids or implants.

The frequency of treatment ear candling.

People who want to just clean the ear can perform it every 3 months. In other diseases is done several treatments every 3 days. This is the time it takes to active substances can be absorbed from the surface of the ear canal and cure. Each time the quantity of treatments are individually tailored to the patient’s condition.



So, listen:

Ear candling at the Alter Ego clinic is a safe and enjoyable way of cleaning the ear canal!

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