As promised, we will continue the previous thread and start review treatments to help in the fight against photo-aging processes. Aging is natural law, which unfortunately you cannot fight. But you can delay the aging process, and you can also make this nicely.

The skin of young people is/has

  • smooth,
  • firm,
  • nice natural colour,
  • appropriate thickness,
  • adequately greased,
  • well hydrated.

As we age is several changes, as above all is to thin. Mainly in each layer of skin, which the cells lose water (infants-  water content is 81 — 82% and in adults 62-67%). Reproductive capacity of cells is decreasing, and in basal layer increases the amount of dye. Hence the number of pigmentations on skin noticed most just after the holidays. In dermis changes elastic fibres, blood vessels that supply the skin of the food are degenerate.

If in a loose sense we compare skin aging of with its drying out – this give us an easy way to extend the youthful appearance! Regular provision of adequate amounts of water, increases significantly good condition of our skin and consequently our great look! Drink, therefore, drink water – cheers!

Because of the above, anatomical changes the appearance of the skin, it becomes:

  • thin,
  • dry,
  • with lots of discoloration,
  • with many pigmentations,
  • lacking elasticity,
  • with deep furrows,
  • with folds
  • with wrinkles.

At the time of the consultations at our clinic we refer to the main problems of the patient to choose the most effective solution. Considering all above features, as well as individuals who depend on rapid, visible improvement of skin condition we choose a treatment. This is arena where: Chemical Peels introducing.

Chemical peels what are they?

Chemical peels-a treatment consisting of controlled peeling of skin on different depth using a variety of active ingredients, such as:

  • Jassner’s liquid,
  • AHA-glycolic acid,
  • TCA-trichloroacetic acid,
  • BHA-salicylic acid
  • And other mixtures with the above. (reliance on brands, as well as the type of skin problem)

Like all treatments in aesthetic medicine chemical peels include cases in which the execution of such procedure is dangerous.

Contraindications for chemical peels

The most important contraindications for chemical peels:

  • -Active cold sores;
  • -irritation, damage and interrupted continuity of the skin
  • -the tendency to develop Keloids;
  • -skin allergies;
  • -Acne Rosacea;
  • -Atopic and Seborrheic Dermatitis;
  • -malignant tumours;
  • -status after surgery in the face (up to 2 months);
  • -numerous telangiectasias;
  • -pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • -severe forms of acne and pharmacological treatment derived from vitamin A (required at least a half-year break from the end of treatment);

After exclusion of the above and if you want to perform a treatment on a larger surface area than a single change, we propose the implementation of chemical peeling. At Alter Ego Beauty Clinic in case of “unwanted holiday memories” frequently we use chemical peel TCA acid.

TCA acid what is it?

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is a derivative of acetic acid. Is a non-toxic, does not cause allergic reactions. TCA acid is the strongest organic acid for exfoliation treatments.

Effect of chemical peeling TCA acid

Effect of chemical peeling TCA acid is controlled burns of the epidermis and skin layers. Depth depends on the concentration and number of imposed layers – to safely carry out the treatment needed is expertise. Destroying (removing) the stratum corneum cells boost to growth of the basal layer cells-this speeds up skin renewal. The peeling stimulates to action fibroblasts, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which prevents sagging of the skin.

Indications for TCA acid peeling:

The main indications for the implementation of a TCA acid are:

  • acne scars;
  • superficial wrinkles;
  • Actinic Keratosis (age);
  • Aging, sun damaged skin;
  • freckles, discolorations (e.g. post inflammatory, hormonal-Chloasma, lentil and age spots, melasma);
  • treatment of seborrheic warts;
  • smoker’s skin;
  • regeneration of skin;
  • Acne pustules maculopapular

Course and experience during treatment with acid TCA

After cleaning and degreasing the skin, apply areas divided into selected acid concentration, rubbing it with a special applicator. After a short time, the action is repeated, in assessing the behaviour of skin and the feelings of the patient. At the time of procedure locally felt strong heat, tingling and itching-these feelings pass quickly, as the last stage of acid-the so-called “frosting” gives an anaesthesia feeling. Directly after the treatment the skin is flushed with visible places blanching, felt is also a strong tension. In our clinic, patient receives a special cosmetic for home care, which replaces previously used products for a week.

The appearance of the skin after peeling TCA and home care

Blushing is a normal symptom and can persist up to 24 h after that time skin topically changes to brown and gives a strong feeling of lifting. After 2 days after treatment begins with exfoliation, which lasts for the next 3-4 days. After the treatment, you must comply with the hygiene and the next day to wash the skin gently with cleaning agent. Two or more times a day you should use a special protecting cream. Under no circumstances must not rub or scratch the skin to be treated-there is in fact the creation of scars and/or irritation. A period of visible skin peeling is 7-10 days-after that time the skin already has a natural look. All traces of the treatment disappear, and in their place a new layer of cells is a fresh, smooth skin. However, full recovery process is still in progress, although it is difficult to see it, already for us. The next layer of cells working for 21 days after treatment. Therefore, for a minimum period of one month after the peeling TCA you have a ban on sunbathing, you should also use a high UV protection.

Effects of chemical peeling TCA acid

Effects of chemical peeling TCA acid are so spectacular, that the initial problem with short recovery loses its meaning. After a week of treatment, on our skin strongly visible is:

  • -refreshment, regeneration
  • -lighten or remove pigmentations
  • -shortness of scars
  • -smoothing wrinkles
  • -the alignment of the surface
  • -harmonisation of the colour
  • -restore the flexibility

In most cases, patients are satisfied with the results of a single implementation of procedure, in cases where there are indications for repetition, the procedure can be performed not earlier than 21 days from previous one. However, this is a topic that is part of the further, individual therapy and cannot be explained in detail.

The second treatment, which is also in a holistic manner affects the skin with UV ageing problems, is a Laser Photo rejuvenation. Of the main differences compared to chemical peeling: no need to replace recovery period (for the benefit of this treatment) and a longer period to wait for results (disadvantage for the impatient). However, the unmistakable effects of photo rejuvenation of skin affected by photo-aging is a reason for that, you cannot skip this treatment in this article. More information about laser skin rejuvenation can be found here:

{link to an article laser photo rejuvenation}

In the next episode of the closer we will discuss more concrete solutions also “unwanted memories from holiday”- welcome ?


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