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Wendy brought to us by the friend recommendation – typing in Google: Alter Ego West Bromwich quickly found the phone number 07758834719 to arrange a first visit.

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Face cleansing- what is booked Wendy for.

Face Cleansing is one of the treatments, which belong to the classics facials of East European. Customers know it and many legends that circulate about it … both good and bad.
We will explain these stereotypes, explain for whom the face cleansing is a good treatment, and who does not. [more about face cleaning here-link]

Cosmetic interview-starts a visit to the beauty salon.

Wendy have gone through the interview and examination of the skin. [cosmetic interview-more here-link]
We agreed in it:

  • the age of the clients-28 years of age.
  • skin type: combination skin, sensitive skin.
  • The health status of clients – good, no bad habits
  • Factors affecting current skin condition – working in an air-conditioned room.
  • The current way skin care at home – a minimum of care
  • The most urgent problems and requirements Wendy – the problem with the “shining” skin, sensitivity to weather conditions

And then together, we decided on the most preferred facial for Wendy currently.

Cavitation peeling-the treatment chosen for Wendy

Wendy took most of the indications for the implementation of cavitation peel. Face cleaning, initially chosen was not right for her now.

Cavitation peeling – list of indications, for whom?

All types of skin from time to time require a gentle exfoliation, because cavitation peeling will be on the list of indications for each of us.
Complexion mixed and oily skin regarding issues such as:

  • Acne Vulgaris,
  • Acne Rosacea,
  • the problem with blackheads
  • the problem with “shining” skin


Cavitation Peeling can be used as a standalone. It is also recommended as a form of preparation for moisturizing and nourishing.
Accelerates the absorption of active ingredients. Is a non-invasive, so it will work in people, where there is:

For dry and sensitive skin, including:

  • dilated capillaries
  • allergic prone skin
    easy to irritation

Cavitation peeling-Contraindications, who does not?

As each treatment cavitation peeling is also a contraindication to be ruled out.

Main contraindications for cavitation peel:

  • pregnancy,
  • advanced osteoporosis,
  • epilepsy,
  • irregular thyroid disease
  • heart failure,
  • infections of the skin,
  • metal implants,
  • pacemaker,
  • cancer in the active phase.

How often do I need to repeat the Cavitation Peel ?

Cavitation Peeling can be done within a single visit to refresh the skin. Individuals with problematic skin, for lasting effect, should repeat 3 to 6 treatments weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
A detailed plan is determined individually from a beautician. Wendy was invited to visit our clinic 3 times, in two-week intervals. With every treatment, her skin will gradually improve. Disappear problem of greasy and face will become beautiful and healthy glow.

And The Eyebrows ? The Brows can make or break your look.

Eyebrows – Imagine someone with no eyebrows. (female or male) How it looks like? Well, that’s right.

Brows this element, without which the face loses the meanings. At the end of the visit, our considerations Wendy mandatory even treatment- eyebrow shaping.
Eyebrows can change your face completely. Perfect eyebrows, assorted skillfully, their shape and color have a huge impact on the expression of our face.
Eyebrows – treatment is performed on women, as well as for men.
In the Alter Ego Beauty Clinic we attach very great importance to this treatment quality.
Gives durable, the corresponding color, and the shape of the eyebrows is made by waxing and tweezer.
The expectations of the client – in combination with our skills and knowledge means -Perfect brows and a sure a smile on your face.
And with such a smile, our clinic has left today Wendy

And what they say today your eyebrows?

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