Laser hair removal at home? True or False?

With May every once closer to summer.. At least this calendar, so despite what is happening behind the windows, in our clinic on top is the topic of depilation. Since wax hair removal is already a well-known treatment, still having its followers in today’s article will not dedicate its place. Today there will be a lot of questions, extreme opinions and dreams. Because this is exactly the subject of laser hair removal.

Let’s ask some common questions:  Or laser hair removal..

-… removes hair forever?

-… is painless?

-… is the procedure that needs to be repeated?

-… removes all hair (colours)?

-… can be used anywhere on the body?

-… is safe?

For each of the above questions I can reply Yes and No. Why isn’t there one correct answer? Because the motto of laser hair removal is a very important issue.. About the device, specifically the laser. Unfortunately, in the cosmetic industry the word “laser” is often used for marketing purposes and not always according to its meaning.

Manufacturers of hair removal devices, including those for epilating at home, are eager to use the word “laser” with respect to the IPL light depilation system.

IPL-Intense pulse Light, what is it and what is not?

IPL is not a laser. Intense Pulse Ligt is an energy-based hair removal system (pulse) in a wide range of wavelengths. The light beam is not as concentrated as that of a laser, so its power is accordingly weaker. This is precisely the feature by which IPL devices are available for home use (popular lamps). Weaker energy improves the safety of the treatment, but influences its effectiveness.

Comparing the principles of laser operation and IPL machines, we can see where this discrepancy comes from in the answers to questions previously asked:


single energy beam, concentrated wavelength principle of operation

How its working? IPL

pulse energy beam, wave with a wide range of treatments

6-10 durability of effects, overall customer satisfaction: high Efficiency both methods are effective only in the hair growth phase the number of treatments 10-15 durability of effects: Low overall customer satisfaction level:  low
the average level of sensation depends on the place of epilation and the type of hair pain factor. Pain management

Both methods of epilation cause discomfort.

For the most part, the sensation compares to a warming
Pinching control specialist, laser parameter adjustment enhances the safety of proces Safety –  in both cases the procedure has contraindications and possible complications. The Tanned skin treatment option greatly increases the risk of burns and reduces the effectiveness of the treatment
by reducing the number of procedures, efficiency in almost all places on the body, more expensive treatment prices. Pros and cons

of both epilation methods

more treatments, reduced efficiency and durability, increased price availability.

To summarize the subject of laser hair removal, I would like to point out that, despite the overwhelming differences and errors in naming, both methods have their followers. IPL devices are also used in beauty salons and this is not a problem if it is clearly presented to customers. Both the satisfied people after laser epilation treatments and those for whom the IPL-light method proved to be effective enough are proof that you can get rid of unwanted hairs for a long time. And everyone should have a knowledge about it to make a best choice.

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