Onkokosmetics – Cosmetic procedures for oncological patients.

Today, an important topic, a relatively new branch of Cosmetology, was created in response to demand every once more for years.. The number of cancers Increases, the knowledge of them increases, thus every once more people are treated and cured!

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And today’s article will approximate the subject related to skin care of people affected by oncological treatment. Because such treatment ALWAYS has consequences in the form of disturbances in the normal functioning of the skin and its appendits (hair, nails).

Effect of chemotherapy on the skin.

The Effect of chemotherapy on the skin depends on the combination of medications, skin reactions may have varying degrees of severity depending on the duration of therapy.

Most common skin lesions with chemotherapy include:

• dry skin with an accompanying itching,
• discoloration and skin discoloration of
• photodermatosis
• excessive exfoliation of the epidermis
• thickens and disappearance of skin patches
• acne
• high susceptability to infections especially fungal infections.

Changes in the nail plate can take various forms:

• nails become brittle and brittle with slow growth,
• with a tendency to dissection the nail plate.
• Yellowing of the plaque or dark coloured discoloration.
Hair loss occurs, the loss can affect all hair types, not only mature hair, so it covers not only the scalp hair, but also other body areas. Full hair regrowth usually occurs up to a year after the end of chemotherapy, but the colour and texture of the hair may be different than before starting treatment.

What to do to help?

Before starting therapy, it is necessary to gently remove excessive skin from the surface of the feet (preferably during a pedicure procedure). During treatment, you should
• wear comfortable clothes,
• possibly with natural raw materials
• daily control the skin.
• Pressure and friction of the skin,
• high temperatures,
• solar radiation,
• intense sport,
• hot baths,
• cleaning with hot water with the addition of chemicals.
It is worth to undergo a careful massage of the feet and hands.
The skin should be nurtured with products free from chemistry, for sensitive, allergic or diabetic skin, based on natural oils, with content:
• Aloe vera,
• Propolis,
• silver,
• black cumin,
• Vit. B12.

Radiotherapy and skin

The Second most commonly used method in the treatment of oncology is radiotherapy. In The irradiated area there is always a skin, and this leads to its radiant inflammation, which causes burning, itching or pain.
Radiation Reaction on the skin determines the scale:
I degree – redness;
II degree-dry exfoliation;
III degree – wet exfoliation;
IV degree – necrosis.

Skin Care during and after radiotherapy

• Treatment of radiant skin reactions depends on the degree of damage and consists of strict protection of the irradiated area,
• avoidance of mechanical injuries,
• irritation,
• sunlight,
• re-irradiation.
It is Forbidden to use cosmetics that cleanse the skin and contain alcohol.

It is Recommended to wash in using delicate pH-neutral detergents for the skin and to abandon the sponges and brushes.

In the case of grade III and IV, washing may be prohibited.

In the case of dry skin peeling, it is possible to use creams with the addition of corticosteroids (1% cream with hydrocortisone).
In Case of bacterial superinfection, it may be necessary to use an antibiotic cream.

Cosmetic Treatments during and after oncology therapy.

Patient’s cooperation with the cosmetologist can significantly improve comfort during therapy. Do not be afraid to perform any cosmetic treatments – a well-prepared cosmetologist knows perfectly what procedures are possible and which are banned during oncology treatment. You should also go to clinic for advice on skin care at home, both during and after treatment.

Cancer and its aggressive treatment change not only the condition of the skin, but the appearance of people. Cosmetic procedures allow you to look at yourself differently, adds strength and confidence in yourself, increases your sense of comfort and can be considered as a peculiar, important form of psychotherapy.
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