Calendar spring is here, time to prepare our body for the new period. Spring cleaning on your skin is primarily a thorough her groom. Long periods of heating leaves on our faces layer of dead skin, this, in turn, along with heavy cosmetics can be cause of the formation of unsightly blackheads. Dehydrated places, complexions, dull. Just as he appeared in client, Marc who appointed the facials.

Cosmetic interview helped determine:

  • age – 21 years.
  • type of skin: oily
  • health – very good, diet, sport grown on a regular basis.
  • factors affecting the current state of the skin – insufficient moisture levels, lack of proper habits.
  • the current way skin care at home-bad: full-body cleansing gel, no cream
  • Main problems numerous blackheads in the T-zone, frequent bumps on the chin.

Manual face cleansing, skin purification, for whom?

Marc subconsciously chose suitable for his skin treatment – manual cleansing. Regardless of age and gender: oily skin, blackheads, whiteheads, seborrhoea is the most common indication for manual cleansing. Face cleaning European-traditional, this concept, which involves a lot of legends and a lot of stereotypical associations. Those who have painful memories to announce that most of them have been barred. New knowledge on skin, modern equipment and great professional cosmetics products are strong reasons for manual cleaning look otherwise. Made in a good clinic, by an experienced therapist has little to do with the “scary facial” with prior years.

The treatment of skin cleansing.

Skin purification procedure consists of several elements. The first step is removing the pollution of shallow, remnants of cosmetics daily. Very important is the second stage of the procedure. This is the heating of epidermis and extend the pores, so the treatment was simpler and more efficient. This effect is achieved by special preparations and steamer. Face cleansing shall be carried out with the use of hygiene and asepsis and relies on manual remove blackheads defaulting in the skin. To remove whiteheads, it is necessary to use a special needle. The clean-up stage takes max. 25 min, because after that time the skin “cools down” and naturally shrinks. Then, therapist disinfects spots “over which she has worked” and “closes”. Completion of treatment is a mask, usually with astringent.

Absolutely do not perform manual cleansing yourself at home. Incorrectly made treatment is threatening the spread of inflammation, excessive and difficult to remove scars. All stages of the procedure can be properly carried out only in the Salon.

Effects after the treatment, the frequency of manual face cleansing.

Immediately after the treatment, our skin will not add self-confidence. Visible redness and disappear within a few days. The skin becomes fresh, takes on colour and healthy glow. Manual cleaning frees the skin of these imperfections, which could not be removed any cosmetic machine, whether cosmetic preparations. Therefore, there is no one scheme or the time frame for the frequency of this treatment. This is a very individual, requires observation and planning in response to the reactions of the skin.

Marc has left our clinic by signing up for two more visits in 2 week intervals. Correctly selected cosmetics and new beauty habits should bring satisfactory results, and subsequent treatments will remove only those changes that appear during the process of “habituation” of the skin.

Who does not? Contraindications to treatment, manual face cleansing.

  • a large amount of inflammation;
  • use of retinoids
  • active cold sores;
  • allergic;
  • tendency to scarring;
  • Acne Rosacea;
  • Vascular complexion.

Many customers ask for face cleaning belongs to the group for which it is not an appropriate treatment. Just in time consulting are eroded away all doubt. Of course, we have alternative methods for such customers. Very often people agreed on recommend other treatments. Everything determines the type and condition of the skin and the manual skin cleansing is part of the treatment. Treatments containing element of skin cleansing treatment:

  • Cavitation peel
  • Neoderma
  • Neoderma Light
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion
  • Mandelic acid
  • TCA chemical peel

And how it looks on you? When was the last time your complexion has been well treated? Welcome-“spring cleaning” is an excellent time to clean-up also face

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