The selection of cosmetics for the current skin needs is not easy. If this stage is behind us, we should not have anything more to disturb. And yet sometimes, even though you regularly use skin care cosmetics, you don’t see the effects, you expect. Why is this happening? 


You may find that you apply them wrongly or in a misorderly manner.

See how it looks with you. Below is a guide that will make time and money dedicated to skin care, eventually start to produce the desired effects. We always start with pure skin. Before application of product, our face should first be thoroughly cleaned. Today there is a huge selection of formulations and preparations to cleanse the complexion, too much to accurately describe each of them. Therefore, we make it much easier to realize using micellar liquids or gels– perfectly purify both the skin and the daily impurities. They do not require the use of a tonic and are suitable for all skin types. What’s next?

Next, our activities determine the time of day. Otherwise we treat the complexion in the morning, and otherwise overnight.

If the morning your eyes are swollen and “sleeping” you will help yourself by storing your eye cream in the refrigerator. The cool gel applied around the eyes to greatly improve circulation, and the “Awakening” action and refresh the look, while you’ll make a tea ?

What is serum? When to use serum?

Serum is a concentrated formulation that provides a stronger effect than cream. It usually has a light texture and does not leave a protective film on the face. Face Serum is often available in ampoules or droplets.  It is important that the serum should be applied first, as it is not absorbed as deeply into the skin as it is applied on the cream. The face cream, tailored to the needs of the skin, apply approx. 5 min After the application of the serum.

Face cream for the day and night-what does it matter?

It matters and it’s a big deal. During the day, care should focus on protecting the skin from UV rays and environmental aggressors, such as pollution. Protecting a suitable filter in a day cream is a must-have step in your daily skin care. Creams with strong antioxidants are a great way to protect your skin during the day. On a good ground makeup will maintain many hours flawless.. But here’s a note! Take a break! After the application of cream for the day let him take a moment to work..  Before you begin to apply make-up. Applying the makeup immediately after the application of the skin care cream can degrade the quality and durability of our make-up. The foundation is preferably applied approximately 10-15 minutes after the application of the cream.

Face cream for the day and night-what does it matter?

Your night care regimen should follow the same sequence as the daily regimen. Of course, there is no need to use sunscreens at night or makeup that should be removed overnight. At night, your program should focus on rejuvenation and regeneration. For the night it is worth to use a nourishing cream, denser in consistency and intense action on the skin of the face. Our body, including skin, is regenerated during sleep. At this time, the epidermis renews faster, and the appropriate substances in night creams are better absorbed.

To sum up: a suitable cosmetics application is the way to success.

The right application for cosmetics is the right way to success. There is no single cosmetic product that contains all ingredients and delivers them exactly when it needs your skin. It is recommended that the cosmetics be applied in a specific order.

  • -First apply light products-at the very end heavier.
  • -At the beginning we use water-based products,
  • -then those with the oil content
  • -serum is applied before the creams.

This is determined by the efficacy of individual formulations. At the same time, remember that all products have specific tasks, and it is important for them to have the timing that passes from the application of the cosmetic to the skin. Ignoring these rules, we can expect to be interacting with makeup and rather sad than great effects ?

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