Wearing a mask causes acne? MASCNE – What is it?

Wearing a mask causes acne? MASCNE – What is it?

Such strange times. Regardless of our attitude towards Covid-19, we have to face the new challenges that have arisen in the wake of the pandemic. In cosmetic medicine, such a challenge is precisely MASCNE.

MASCNE What is it?

The word mascne is formed from the assembly of two English words: MASK – mask and ACNE – acne. In this way, we received MASCNE – acne lesions in the area of the face covered with a mask.

Wearing a mask causes acne?

Yes – wearing a mask provokes acne, but not always and not in all of us this will happen.
It has been proven that heat contributes most to the formation of it, but also other factors can increase the risk of developing changes.

Factors that increase the risk of developing a mascne:

o existing acne -wearing the same mask for hours
o lack of proper hygiene in the use of reusable masks
o improper skin care under the mask (lack or excess cosmetics)
o use of disposable masks repeatedly
o high skin sensitivity (impaired water and lipid management)

Is it possible to avoid the mascne?

Yes, you can avoid the mascne, but not everyone will succeed. Knowing that the main cause of the development of mascne is heat, we can try to consciously limit the time of exposure of the skin to an increase in temperature.
In addition, we can also:

o take breaks e.g. after 2-3 hours by changing the mask to a new disposable
o take care of the hygiene of reusable masks by changing them daily and washing at 60°C.
o use cosmetics containing amino acids and lycopene, supporting the natural barrier of the skin
o avoid heavy and greasy cosmetics, as they additionally burden the skin

What if we already have mascne?

And if we already have mascne then for help you should go to a good beauty salon.
Specialists have several options for treating the skin covered by mascne, i.e. laser therapy, cold plasma treatment and treatments supporting the restoration of the natural skin barrier.

The most important thing, however, is to cure the changes that occur and reduce the formation of subsequent ones. This will not work without professional help, so if you do not want to worsen the condition of the skin – do not risk it.

Mascne therapy significantly deviates from the therapy of lesions in ordinary acne.Mascne therapy significantly deviates from the therapy of lesions in ordinary acne.

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