Today’s entry is the last of a series of “unwanted souvenirs of your holiday”. The main problem that we try to resolve will be the first wrinkles. This is a very common reason for visits to the clinic – for many of us, the moment seeing minor kinks on the skin is a strong experience. If we can do something about it? We can. But first look closer to problem.

Wrinkles-what are they?

Wrinkles is a linear depression in the skin, that arise because of the passage of time and the aging of the organism, but also influenced by internal factors such as. genetic, and external factors that depend on our lifestyle (e. g., UV radiation, diet, smoking, improper care).

Wrinkles and their types.

Wrinkles are very different. To make it easier for them to call you can group them into divisions: wrinkles due to their depth due to the depth of the wrinkles are divided into:

-superficial wrinkles – their depth is up to 0. 05 mm-include them mimic wrinkles for example “crows feets” wrinkles in the outer corners of the eyes

– wrinkles deep-depth above the 0. 05 mm-  this type of wrinkles is the vertical and horizontal lines on the forehead, cheeks and neck.

Division of wrinkles due to the cause of the formation of if the criterion we consider the cause of the formation of this we can distinguish between:

  • mimic-wrinkles, which first appear on our face from age 20-30. Arise under the influence of the movement of the facial muscles. The most common wrinkles are formed around the eyes, forehead, between the eyebrows, sometimes in the mouth. The emergence of this type of wrinkles we have limited impact. Are the result of moving eyebrows and . . . smiling.
  • wrinkles static-static first wrinkles are formed as a fixation of the facial lines. They arise along with the progressive aging of the skin. In the epidermis at the site of the emergence of wrinkles often observed discoloration. The characteristic feature of the static wrinkles is the lack of their complete disappearance after stretching the skin (wrinkle all the time is displayed)
  • wrinkles gravity-those wrinkles arise due to loss of skin elasticity, accompanied by revision the contours of the face. Noticeable is the gravity-looser skin falls or hangs.
  • wrinkles line (paper like)-these are not the typical wrinkles. These are the lines on the surface of the epidermis, which look I wrinkles. Arise because of dry stratum corneum. Occur in people with skin dry (even the very young) and with too few NMF (natural moisturizing factor that occurs in the skin).
  • wrinkles structural-are a variety of static wrinkles. Occur in people with sun damage skin, when exposed to UV radiation. Most are marked on the exposed areas of the skin, IE. the face and neck. Wrinkles structural is accompanied by a large loss of skin elasticity and stains and discoloration.

Division of wrinkles in the place of occurrence of the given place of occurrence we there are of forehead wrinkles-and two types of wrinkles:

  • horizontal wrinkles are formed in the upper part of the forehead, even at a young age under the influence of strong running muscle, which is responsible for raising the eyebrows.
  • vertical wrinkles (“lion’s furrow”)-these are the most often 1 or 2 vertical wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows (sometimes reaching up to the nose)-wrinkles of anger;

wrinkles in the eye area-we have 3 types of wrinkles around the eyes:

  • “Crows feet”-wrinkles spreading radially from the outside of the eye, appear in the corners of the eyes
  • wrinkles under the eyes-are the result of not only aging, but also the excessive dryness of the skin, •droopy eyelids (eyelid sagging)-is caused by a decrease in voltage oculi.

wrinkles around mouth in the mouth there are three types of wrinkles:

  • smoker’s lines-short wrinkles starting from the upper lip or lower, mainly in when drinking through a straw and smoke cigarettes.
  • “monkey face” (sulcus of nasal sinuses)-furrow extending from the wings of the nose downwards (into the corners of the mouth),
  • “marionette lines” (wrinkles of sorrow)-runs from the corners of the mouth downward;

wrinkles on the neck-on-neck can lead to two types of wrinkles:

  • “necklace of Venus”-the wrinkles in the form of a horizontal crease in the “grooves”.
  • “skin of the Turkey,” occurs because of the rapid loss of fatty tissue under the skin of the neck;

Because we deal with the subject “unwanted souvenirs of your holiday” is interested in us now, the wrinkles that have arisen recently have been noticed after the holidays. To this group include:

  • superficial Wrinkles
  • mimic wrinkles

Wrinkles paper like

Wrinkles with last group is easy to deal with, because to remove their need to do just strongly moisturizing treatment ideal for here for example. Biolifting


Botox, botulinum toxin type A what is it? How does it work?

Botox-botulinum toxin is a purified botulinum toxin type a. Mechanism of action is based on the inhibition of nerve impulse conduction to the muscle cells, which causes the muscles and the skin over them. This prevents it from creasing and crease.

Treatment session of Botox-How it looks like?

Treatment session with Botox-botulinum toxin is some minor injections of Botox. Treatment session lasts the whole half an hour. Botulinum toxin is precisely injected in a specific place, for optimal results. You do not need any anaesthetic, as treatments are not painful. After the treatment session is back to normal activity.

Because Botox needs time to develop the activity – our patients needs to come again. 7 days after second visit is performed to control whether the quantity of supplied product is sufficient and wrinkles are inhibited.

Botox-the use and effects of treatment

Point out that both the application and the effects of BOTOX described here are selected for a specific article topic – “unwanted holiday gifts”. Opportunities and treatment with Botox are much wider and write about separate article ?

Botox-botulinum toxin is used in anti-aliasing:

  • vertical wrinkles forehead,
  • horizontal lines forehead,
  • radial wrinkles around the eyes.

In the proper image after treatment wrinkles disappear, without prejudice to the natural facial features.

The use of Botox is preventative-relaxed muscles do not allow breaking the skin and as a result, the deepening of wrinkles. The results of the effects of Botox-persist for 6 months, and this period may vary in individual cases.

A statement that Botox is the treatment that once made YOU HAVE to repeat – is bullshit ? do not have to! People happy with the results, simply want to maintain them and hence the subsequent treatments! If the procedure is not repeated, the muscles gradually return to theirs activity, and “learn” wrinkling again, what will last. So if you want to keep the effects of the treatment, you can repeat

Botox is the treatment that quickly and accurately as possible will allow us to say goodbye to the problem of wrinkles that have appeared as “unwanted holiday gifts”. This selects what once more conscious customers-who want to visually delay effects of consecutive holidays, which again for us.

If you belong to this group, or if you have additional questions in this topic-you are cordially invited?


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