Spring has encouraged many of us to look closer to our faces and it turned out that the winter has left us with many traces. Therefore, our clinic was visited by many new customers.
Among them was also Wendy.

Cosmetic Interview at the beginning of the visit helped determine:

• client’s age is 42 years.
• type of skin: skin combination, the visible signs of aging and loss of firmness.
• the health status of clients-good, occasional dips (colds, cold sores).
• factors affecting the current state of the skin is smoking (free radicals!), poor hydration,
• the current way skin care at home is valid: micellar gel, creams for day and night, and under the eyes to the appropriate age group.
• the most urgent problems of Wendy : dull colour of skin, hyperpigmentation and skin laxity.
Diamond Microdermabrasion is a treatment that was offered Wanda.

Diamond Microdermabrasion-what is it?

Diamond Microdermabrasion involves removal layers of the epidermis using a special device equipped with the abrasive heads, covered with crystals of natural diamond. The apparatus is equipped with a suction pump, which collects dander during surgery.
Exfoliation occurs gradually, so there is no danger of too deep or uneven flaking. Both the depth of exfoliation and a set used in cosmetic surgery is adjusted individually to the skin condition and its problems. In the case of Wendy key was the use of vitamins C and E.

Diamond Microdermabrasion-how does it work?

With the gradual removal of upper layers of the epidermis in its basal layer comes to the intensified formation of new, valuable cells. They roam to the top replacing cells damaged. Each treatment is done on the same basis with a view to the progressive attainment of the intended effects. Improve the skin, increase the level of absorption of the active ingredients, reworking the stimulation of microcirculation, strengthen the defence capabilities of the skin, calling the increased production of collagen and stop the aging of the skin.

Diamond Microdermabrasion done professionally is:

• safe
• non-invasive
• painless
• no allergies
• suitable also for people with vascular complexion

Diamond Microdermabrasion-indications

• Acne Vulgaris (follicular, Comedonica),
• seborrhea,
• enlarged pores, blackheads,
• scars, Keloids
• hyperpigmentation and depigmentation,
• sun damage,
• rough and rough skin,
• thinness, loss of elasticity
• wrinkles

Diamond Microdermabrasion-contraindications

There are situations in which microdermabrasion cannot be done, they apply to the active phase of the disease, in the area under treatment:
• viral infections,
• bacterial infection
• fungal infections
• purulent acne, acne
• erosion (damage to the continuity of the skin)
• skin cancers and moles
• AVMs cavernosum
• acne therapy Roaccutane
• prone to Keloids (Keloids)
• surgery in the face (to 2 months)

Results and the rate Diamond Microdermabrasion

By simple remove the stratum corneum skin becomes smoother, more flexible, younger, brighter and fresher. Those results were apparent in Wendy already after 3 treatments. With each session to enhance the effects, the skin becomes more and more:
• smooth,
• flexible
• luminous

Strengthening defence capabilities of the skin lasts a little longer.
Deeper microdermabrasion help eliminate fine wrinkles, and sagging skin. Typically, you need to perform from 2 to 10 (average 5) at intervals from 1 week to 4 weeks (on average every 7-10 days).

The entire treatment of Wendy is 8 treatments in two-week intervals. Pleasant looks when from each session Wendy’s satisfaction increases and her complexion improve ?

Diamond Microdermabrasion done correctly is never combined with AHA acids? Proposal for implementation of the treatment in this combination demonstrates the ignorance of a cosmetologist or of dubious quality treatment apparatus. The combination of acids and microdermabrasion can end up very badly. Burns, abrasions, inflammatory and purulent and consequently scarring possible effects of this combination.


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